Must Have Music: Talking Heads

Talking Heads are on the top of my must-have music list, growing up on their songs as an 80′s kid with a dad who has pretty cool taste in music. When a group of Rhode Island School of Design art students decided to get together & make music, magic happened. David Byrne is the man, + with a rad female bass player Tina Weymouth in the mix, Talking Heads should have been higher up on Rolling Stone‘s list of “1oo Greatest Artists of All Time” (They were named #100). If you haven’t seen their 1986 film “True Stories” you’re missing out. Interesting fact of the day: Radio Head took their name from a song title on the soundtrack.

Talking Heads: Tina Weymouth x Jerry Harrison

Talking Heads

Talking Heads: "One of the Most Critically Acclaimed Bands of the 80's"

Tina Weymouth and Grandmaster Flash

Tina Weymouth x Grandmaster Flash

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